Token Locks

Team token pool lock ->

Rewards token pool lock ->

Uniswap liquidity pool lock ->

Marketing pool vesting lock ->

Development pool vesting lock ->

Seed, Private and public round tokens are vested for 60 days.

How to claim your vested tokens:

1) Connect to the dashboard claim page with your web3 wallet (Metamask, etc).

2) Choose the right network on your web3 wallet (ETH Mainnet)

3) You will now see all the tokens your connected wallet address can claim.

4) Click on the claim button and pay the gas fees. The tokens will be available in your wallet address once the TX is confirmed.

Participants of Zeroswap and Samurai please contact them directly for the vesting process.

Any issues please contact

Hello gang, we are approaching a very special day for CARBON as we create and launch the GEMS token!

The GEMS token is the backbone to the CARBON app that will be launched later this year and will be the access key to some very exciting things. As a GEMS holder you will be part of an elite and rewarding club.

31.05.2021 TGE and Listing day

On the 31st of May 2021 at 21.00 UTC the GEMS token will be listed on Pankcake Swap and Uniswap.

Once listed we will announce it in the official CARBON telegram group + our official CARBON telegram announcement group

Community Member: As the CEO behind Carbon, can you share a bit about your background?

Chad Pickard: I was formerly a Fashion Photographer and Director for the last 20 years+. Creating projects for the likes of Dior, Tom Ford, Harrods and many more luxury brands. Our co-founder Claudia was the Online Fashion Editor at Harrods for 10 years and Drapers award winner. We have both been invested in crypto for the last 4+ years. We came together to create Carbon, a kind of for the fashion world. The $GEMS token is the backbone of this amazing project!

In addition…

Photo credit: Carlijn Jacobs x Pop

In an era of rapid digitisation, Fashion and Tech are becoming ever more integrated to enhance the consumer experience.

The fusion of these two worlds was already well underway, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and with much of our lives having been lived out behind a screen for the past year, the digital world has become increasingly intrinsic to our daily (and social!) lives. Savvy brands are harnessing the desire to engage virtually, whether that be through on-screen activations, phygital experiences or experiential e-commerce.

With lockdowns remaining in place in many parts of the world, physical launches remain…

Photo credit: Le Monde

We are building a global super ecosystem, for creatives. Combining open finance, luxury fashion, digital art and music. We are creating a community designed to inspire, support and reward creative professionals. Offering generous financial backing at all stages of their careers. We want to make ideas happen!

The Wallet

The wallet has full Neo banking features and is plugged into Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs and the metaverse! You can now have different currencies, crypto or NFTs seamlessly, all in one place. Additionally, you can spend or receive in our native token, $GEMS.

The Marketplace

Our Marketplace will consist of…

To create customer loyalty in our Marketplace, we are offering a tiered card system, to reward users for their spending. The higher tiers come with metal cards and are additionally packaged with attractive rewards and benefits. Additionally, a higher rate of cash-back and $GEMS on every purchase. We are also looking to integrating Bitcoin rewards, at a later date.

We will have a dedicated team working on Carbon Rewards, in our offices in London, Paris, New York and LA. They will be responsible for bringing the user the latest, most attractive and competitive packages. …

Chad Pickard, Founder and CEO

Claudia De-Meis, Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

James Kirby, CTO

Community member Tell us in short what is the Carbon project about please.

Chad Pickard Essentially Carbon is a open finance wallet and super ecosystem for the world of fashion, art, music and culture. Powered by the $GEMS token.

Our wallet combines Neobank functions like Revolut and a non custodial smart wallet for crypto and DeFi. Meaning you can hold your Fiat, Crypto and NFTs in one place.

This wallet then plugs into our market place where the user can infinitely scroll down and…

Photo credit: Craig Green AW20

Empowering Creatives

The foundations of our business are built to empower & inspire the creative industries. This is how Carbon was born and developed. We wanted to give individuals the opportunity to build or grow a business.

Often creatives are not respected or valued enough. To give you one example, the fashion industry in the UK brings billions to the economy each year, 35 billion to be exact, and somehow during COVID & BREXIT businesses and individuals were forgotten.

This is just a broader perspective and doesn’t begin to touch upon factors such as low paid salaries and artists…

Photo credit: BALENCIAGA AW21

Our Marketplace is unique and here’s why

What we are offering

Our Marketplace Director and his specialist team will be hand selecting fashion, art and music, to include digital items. The offering will provide both luxury and emerging brands and artists.

Additionally we will be doing exclusive collaborations with brands and artists for both physical and digital items. We will be dropping in new products & brand launches on a weekly basis.

Here at Carbon we are inclusive & forward thinking and this will be reflected in our offering. Bringing our audience a diverse & cultured experience.



Our partnerships


The Crassula White Label SAAS banking solutions allow you to build PSP, Banking and FX products in days, not months.They already have a vast network of partners connected to their SAAS systems, such as our other partners, Railsbank, Sumsub and Plaid.

The ready built API connections means that just by partnering with Crassula we already have the fiat Neo-banking capabilities of Revolut, instantly.


Our partnership with Railsbank and their API network allows for us to simply connect to a set of global financial services, with the ability to operate ledgers in the US, Uk, EU…


A global ecosystem for creatives. Combining open finance, fashion art, music and NFTs.

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