CARBON.XYZ partners with Zora

CARBON.XYZ is excited to announce a partnership with Zora, the open-source NFT marketplace.

Zora will provide structural support with the launch of the first CARBON.XYZ project, Mercurial. The exclusive drop of 3000 NFTs by digital artist Andy Picci will be hosted on the CARBON.XYZ and backed by Zora.

Founded in 2020, Zora started as a website offering artists the opportunity to sell digital tokens tied to physical artifacts. Its focus has since shifted to building an open-source protocol that offers easy-to-use tools to build online NFT stores. Unlike other marketplaces, Zora uses an on-chain protocol to manage NFTs. This focus on openness and freedom makes Zora the ideal partner for CARBON.XYZ, the fashion-focused marketplace and Metazine.

Both CARBON.XYZ and Zora place the creator at the core of their platform, providing artistic talent with more ownership and freedom, a paradigm shift from Web2 platforms. With infrastructures built around solidarity and collective creativity, the lines between artist, fan and collector are slowly melting.

This relationship strengthens the values of community and togetherness at the heart of both companies.

Mercurial pre-sale is launching on the 6th July and the public sale will be on the 7th July. Whitelist closes on the 30th June at midnight UTC. Sign up to join here.

And join our Discord here.



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